Real estate investing courses from OTA Real Estate

Build the Skills Designed For A Lifetime Of Success.

Learning that begins in the classroom, and doesn’t stop when the bell rings.

You can spend your time flipping channels and surfing the web, or...

Learn real professional real estate investing strategies designed to increase your income and build your net worth. Whether you're starting from zero knowledge or zero capital, we give you actionable tactics, teach you a comprehensive view of the market, and provide access to the right tools for building long-term success.



Learn actionable skills and strategies from professional real estate investors with over 200 years of combined experience.



Apply your skills in simulated walk-throughs and deals, then to actual deals with access to class and coaching support.


Apply & Repeat

Review and refine your approach with instructors at all stages of your life. Plus, all classes have a lifetime retake option.

The Curriculum

We build your knowledge from the ground up, with professional support at every step along the way.

We teach:

A comprehensive view of the market, from residential and commercial properties to REITs, investment funds, and more

Market-based strategies designed for long-term success

How to use our patent-pending, proprietary tools to find, analyze, and make the best deals

We offer a wide range of courses designed for generating income, optimizing wealth, and more.

Income Solution
  1. 1
    Real Estate Foundations Class
    • Core Strategy for Real Estate
    • Creating a team
    • Finding properties
    • Formulas & math
    • Finance Options
  2. 2
    • Acquisition Strategies
    • Refining the Team
    • Scouting
    • Property Comps/Getting Bids
    • Negotiations & Contracts
    • Market to Wholesalers
  3. 3
    RECC Wholesaling
    • Expert Interviews
    • Negotiation Role-plays
    • DEAL Trips
  4. 4
    Fix & Flip
    • Unconventional Strategies
    • Advanced Team Building
    • Comps/Appraisal/BPOs
    • Financing
    • Contracts & Closing
    • Ins & Outs of Flips and Staging
  5. 5
    RECC Fixing & Flipping
    • Working Key Auction Sites
    • Building Your Local Area Database
    • Analyzing Property like an Appraiser
Wealth Solution
  1. 1
    Real Estate Foundations Class
    • Core Strategy for Real Estate
    • Creating a team
    • Finding properties
    • Formulas & math
    • Finance Options
  2. 2
    Rental Investor
    • Wealth Sectors of Real Estate
    • Enhancing Your Team
    • Rental Formulas-Basic/Pro-forma
    • Identify Conditions/Improvements
    • Rental Acquisition Process
    • Market Your Rental
  3. 3
    RECC Rental Investing
    • Structuring the Deal
    • Getting the most of Improvement Dollars
  4. 4
    Commercial Investor
    • Real Estate Investing Funds
    • Become and Be the Bank
    • Valuing Income Properties
    • Advanced Evaluations
    • Unconventional Ways of Selling
    • Making Municipalities Your Partner
  5. 5
    RECC Commercial Investing
    • Commercial DEAL Trips
    • College Rentals and Assisted Living
    • Working with a Commercial Broker

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