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Find, negotiate, and close deals ahead of the crowd with our proprietary technology.

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Deal Board

The Deal Board is your cockpit filled with powerful tools. Get up-to-date reports on property availability, find instant comp pricing, search a title, calculate the validity of a deal, and much more.

real estate coaching

REC Center Experience

In the REC (Real Estate Coaching) Center, you get real-time support from real estate pros as you evaluate deals, negotiate financing, or even take virtual walkthroughs of properties. With proprietary online classroom functionality, you can share an instructor’s desktop with live text and audio, combining academic training with live in-the-market sessions so you can learn a concept one day, and act on it the next.

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Real Estate Newsletter

Our monthly Real Estate Newsletter delivers world-class real estate investing perspective from the OTA Real Estate family of instructors. In-depth articles and insights keep you up-to-date on the latest thinking, while actionable tips and reviews give you more to work off of. Plus, get an overview of what classes are coming up online, at your local OTA center, and on the RECC.

real estate coaching

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